Co-operation partners

We thank our co-operation partners for their constructive work!

Allen, James P.
Hieroglyphic character set (vector graphics), digital facsimiles (vector graphics): Heqanacht papyri.
Backes, Burkhard
Single signs of P. Schmitt (Berlin P. 3057) (excerpts from the Berlin photographic material / raster graphics).
Depauw, Mark
Trismegistos: Database for metadata management and metadata for selected scripts.
Goecke-Bauer, Maren
Palaeography of several scribes from Deir el-Medina.
Lenzo, Giuseppina
Palaeography of the Book of the Dead papyri from Turin, 3rd Intermediate Period (manuscript templates / Handpausen).
Single signs of the magical papyrus from Turin (facsimiles as vector graphics).
Museo Egizio Turin
Provision of high-resolution digital copies of ancient Egyptian manuscripts. Our contact person: Dr. Susanne Töpfer.
Polis, Stéphane
Service d’Égyptologie et d’Archéologie égyptienne, Université de Liège: Ramsès Online – an annotated corpus of Late Egyptian – and THOT – Thesauri & Ontology for documenting Ancient Egyptian Resources. The texts documented by Ramses and the standard hieroglyphs in the THOT-Sign-list will be linked to the corresponding data in the AKU Database.
Popko, Lutz
Single signs from stela MAA 1939.552 from Amara west (in preparation).
Regulski, Ilona
The British Museum, Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, London: provision of high-resolution digital copies of ancient Egyptian manuscripts.
Vittmann, Günter
Professorship Egyptology, Julius –Maximilians-Universität Würzburg: exchange of (proto-)cursive hieratic signs.