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Hot off the press: Ägyptologische ,Binsen‘-Weisheiten III

The third international, and this time also interdisciplinary conference in the series Ägyptologische ‚Binsen‘-Weisheiten, with the theme "Forms and Functions of Sign List and Palaeography", dealt with methodological and content-related questions on character analysis and the edition of hieroglyphic and hieratic sources. The present volume includes 11 contributions on the literary culture of Ancient Egypt from the Old Kingdom to the Late Period as well as a detailed research report of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy project on the writing system of the Classical Maya. Now available from Franz Steiner Verlag.

Abstract and poster of the AKU project from the DHd2018 in Köln now online

The poster of the AKU project, designed for the 5th conference of the digital humanities in the German-speaking regions (DHd2018) at the University of Cologne, can now be viewed online. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1189371. The accompanying text has appeared in the book of abstracts. Even after the DHd2018 there are still reactions to our Posterslam – e. g. by Jürgen Hermes – TEXperimentTales or by Matthias Arnold and Christopher Nunn INFODITEX – Blog.